Construction Solutions



Our Core Principle – Sustainable and Effective

At the centre of the Cobiax system is a void former made from plastic, which takes the place of the solid concrete within the reinforced slab. This not only reduces the weight and the amount of concrete used, but also makes it possible to construct buildings using thinner slabs and boasting significantly larger span lengths. The Cobiax system also enables a load transfer in two directions, meaning that the static performance and the external appearance of our Cobiax voided flat slabs remain fully preserved. As less material is used, there is also a cost reduction for the entire support structure of a building.

As a result of their reduced weight and improved level of efficiency, Cobiax voided flat slabs also enable the dimensions for the load-bearing elements of a building to be lowered, making them the ideal solution for use in optimising the initial foundation, in the event of a poor substructure and for the economical renovation and restoration of existing buildings. Furthermore, the environment is protected, as our void formers use less material and are made entirely from recycled plastics.

Our Products – Practical and Efficient

The patented Cobiax system comprises linear fixing elements, into which the void formers are integrated. The practical modules are available in two versions: Eco-Line and Slim-Line. With the Eco-Line system, the void formers are spherical in shape and boast slab thicknesses ranging from 40 cm to 70 cm. In contrast, the slimmer void formers in the Slim-Line system are ideally suited for slab thicknesses ranging from 20 cm and 45 cm.

A Cobiax voided flat slab can be designed and customised by structural engineers in accordance with their respective national standards. It also boasts a general building supervision certification from the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt). The installation is carried out on-site by the contractor at no additional cost. In accordance with the Cobiax installation plan, the void former modules will be installed between the upper and lower reinforcement layers. This can be done using pure in-situ concrete or a prefabricated construction method. Cobiax technology can also be easily combined with pre-stressing and building element temperature management.