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Company Profile

Middle East Traders is established in 1951.

Middle East Traders B.S.C. (c)

Since its inception, Middle East Traders B.S.C. (c) has gathered more than six (6) decades of rich heritage in general trading and retailing of high-end products and internationally prominent brands that serve the built environment in both public and private sectors within Bahrain and exporting to neighboring GCC countries. MET continue to maintain long term and exclusive arrangements with many of their suppliers, with some lasting more than half a century.

Middle East Traders B.S.C. (c) along with its counterpart Ishaq Real Estate Investments w.l.l (IREI) are major players in the real estate sector and have a significant portfolio of real estate which continues to be developed, managed and maintained. Spanning the years, Middle East Traders B.S.C. (c) has supplied its products to the majority of government institutions, medical and healthcare projects, schools, indoor sports facilities, warehouses and many other private sector projects ranging from villas to hotels, palaces and other residential / commercial buildings, including the family’s own real estate developments.

The quality of our products has always stood the test of time and resulted in significant repeat business. Currently our main operations lies in finishing building materials, sanitary ware, storage/ shelving solutions, and real estate development, property rentals and investments. In parallel, BICC MET w.l.l is our JV with DUCAB, the leading cable manufacturing company in the region. At Middle East Traders, we are committed to our customers, by providing them with value-added solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

We prioritize products and brands that uphold the makings of Middle East Traders B.S.C. (c) and continue to address the industry’s needs by delivering Quality, Sustainability and Beyond.


Our vision is to maintain our history by being the leaders in developing and serving the built environment within Kingdom of Bahrain and the Middle East region. Our reputation has been founded on providing high quality products and service


  • Sh. Ishaq Bin Abdulrahman (Inheritors)
  • Mr. Mohamed Bin Eshaq (Chairman)
  • Mr. Ebrahim Bin Eshaq (Vice Chairman)
  • Mr. Abdullatif Bin Eshaq (Director)

Executive Committee

  • Mr. Masood A. Mustafa Bin Abdullatif (Managing Director)
  • Mr. Fahim Bin Eshaq
  • Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Eshaq
  • Mr. Essa Mohamed Najibi
  • Mr. Eshaq Ebrahim Eshaq