Middle East Traders is established in 1951.



RMD panels are available in three exclusive ranges – Imperial, Majestic and Classic – give character to every interior, in sustainable style. Imperceptibly substituting traditional textures such as wood, marble and more while adding a variety of creative designs, these panels perfectly adapt to any surface with a smooth finish. Lightweight, waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean, these sound-absorbing panels can be applied in fire-retardant as well as non fire retardant variants. RMD Wall Panels are your guarantee to be surrounded by the best on every side.


From rare marble and exotic stones to your very own unique customisations, our coverings category comes with a range of design options and a host of benefits. For environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, their water resistant properties are ideal while their easy-to-clean nature makes sure that when it comes to maintenance, you’re covered. In addition to this, the reduced toxic emissions, high salvage value and reusability make RMD Wall Coverings a convenient, future-friendly fit for any space.


Lightweight and easy to install, RMD false ceilings redefine the heights of durability and design. Featuring excellent properties such as waterproof, termite proof, corrosion proof, sound absorption and thermal insulation, this product offers the complete package in our three distinct design categories – Imperial, Majestic and Classic. With a hollow board base supporting the decorative finish, these tiles are engineered with high resistance to temperature and humidity, and improved electrical insulation as well as strength in mind – to support the inevitable electrical fittings usually required in false ceilings. With RMD False Ceiling Tiles – available in both, fire-retardant and non-fire-retardant versions – the future is looking up